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Medical Camp Days For Students

During 2014, Amma provided guidance and instruction to members of the Trust and the Medical Clinics to provide Medical Camp Days for the Primary and Pre-School students of Karekura Village. On July 16th, these students received a health check-up and treatment. 22 Primary and 17 Pre-School students were seen on that day and also privately, during the days that followed, at the Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari Trust Medical Clinic in the Village.

Attending physician at the Clinic, Dr. Anantapadmanabhan conducted the examinations and assisted the children and their families to address a variety of health issues.  The children were examined for signs of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Common Dental, Eye and Skin problems, Malnutrition and any other general illnesses. Thankfully, no TB, Leprosy, Eye or Skin disease cases were observed. A few of the children had dental problems and varying levels of malnutrition, but none too serious.  A supplementary health tonic was given to all the children, along with other required medicines.

Children identified with specific issues were welcomed to visit the Medical Clinic in Karekura Villiage, with their parents, for further examination and treatment/counseling.  As needed, referrals to specialist Medical professionals was provided. All the children have been cared for by the team on hand or by other medical professionals who have been either contracted by Clinic or offered their service to assist Amma in caring for the village Children.

Back at the Primary School, you can see here images of the children readying themselves for the big event! Also on display in the photos is a large, lockable metal cupboard donated by the Trust to the school. This item, simple in our minds here in the West, was something requested by the school, so they might safely store the teachers’ and students’ most-valued books and other school items.  We are ever-reminded of how very large and very small things are so needed and made possible, through your support and Amma’s caring.


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