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SSR Karnataka Projects Volunteers Visit SSR Trust Medical Clinics

In the Fall of 2014 Dr. Jeff and Theresa NP on behalf of SSR Karnataka Projects Trust delivered medications and medical equipment to the three clinics operated by the Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari Trust.

Meeting and working with the clinic physician and staff as well as the Trust Members and Amma was a most joyful and uplifting experience.


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SSR Trust Clinics Provide Gynecological Consultations

The Gynecologists volunteered their time to come to the clinic. The clinic doctor pre-selected women in need of this special care.


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SSR Trust Medical Clinics Dispense Vitamin Tonics

Many suffer from vitamin deficiencies because of poor diets and parasite infection.

These supplements are vital to their overall sustenance and healthcare regime.


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